Source: Gorgeously Green | April 22, 2013

Proponents of recycled paper claim that if everyone in the US traded on role of recycled paper for one of the fancy stuff, we would save approximately 470,000 trees. More than 98% of bath tissue sold in America comes from Virgin Wood, and virgin wood basically means that more and more trees are being cut down for something that we use for less than 3 seconds and then toss.

Apparently Americans like their toilet paper soft, durable and fluffy – and up until recently, this could only be achieved through using virgin wood pulp. I say Americans because Americans use more toilet paper than any other country, and they like their luxury TP brands!

I have to say, that I have a big issue with buying non-recycled paper products. I just can’t put it in my cart. Even if it’s more expensive, I figure that I am voting with my dollars for a more habitable planet for generations to come. That being said, I can totally understand that up until recently, it’s been a tough call. When you’re staring at a recycled product on the shelf and it’s WAY more expensive than its conventional counterpoint, it does give one pause. Moreover, the old-school recycled bath tissue was thin and felt scratchy and weird (my husband would always complain.) So, when I found out about White Cloud Green Earth’s paper products, I got fully behind them. They are made from 100% recycled fibers, they are Forest Stewardship Council (aka FSC,) certified, and they are AFFORDABLE. In fact, they are totally comparable to conventional brands in terms of cost. Also, they feel “normal” as in the bath tissue is soft, and very durable. I tried them out on my family (my daughter has complained about scratch recycled TP in the past, too,) and I didn’t hear a negative peep out of anyone. You can find White Cloud Green Earth exclusively at most Walmart Stores.

So, if there is one action that you plan to take around Earth Day this year, why not switch to 100% recycled paper products. I know I keep on going on about this – but it’s such an easy action to take – especially when it won’t cost you any more.