Sara Snow's Recycled Products and Earth Friendly Gadgets

Source: Hallmark Channel | April 22, 2013


1. ENERGY STAR rated monitor combines impressive display technology with energy efficiency.

2. Silver certified by EPEAT, the definitive global registry for greener electronics, which rates tech products based on comprehensive, objective criteria for design, production, energy, and materials use and recycling.

3. Saver feature and off timer function help to reduce power consumption.

4. Available at: B & H Photo and


1. 7 watt Solar Panel & Battery Pack for charging handheld devices. Allows you to charge your devices even when the power is out…or when you're on the go.

2. The Nomad 7 solar panels charge the Guide 10 Plus in 2 hours (or 6 hours from USB source).

3. Provides enough charge for: - 3 MP3 players - 2 smart phones - 50% boost on e-reader - 25% boost on tablet

4. Available at : Costco, REI , Bass Pro Shops , Cabelas & Frys ,


1. It's a 75 watt-equivalent LED bulb, which means it's the exact same light output as a 75 watt incandescent light bulb.

2. SWITCH's LED bulbs last 25 times longer than an incandescent – at least 25 years (25k hours).

3. That's 80% energy savings over the lifetime of the bulb.

4. No part of the SWITCH bulbs contain any hazardous materials (unlike CFLs); they are also designed with the cradle-to-cradle methodology in mind – we want the bulb back at the end of its life!

5. All parts are either recyclable or reclaimable.

6. Available at: Retailers nationwide, info at

7. Price: 40w $40 and 100w $60, big rebate program $5-10 back from retailer per bulb.


1. Ditch plastic wrap in your kitchen. Avoid being exposed to hormone-disrupting chemicals and save the planet from non-degradable, fossil-fuel-based garbage.

2. Each Reusable Bowl Cover is made with a colorful and fun patterned 100% cotton fabric and lined with a food safe, water resistant, BPA-free Nylon Rip-Stop.

3. Available at:

4. Price: An Essential Pack ($15.50) contains 3 Reusable & Washable Bowl Covers


1. White Cloud believes that families shouldn't have to go out of their way to go green or pay more for high-quality, eco-friendly products. Being kinder to the environment should be simple and accessible for every family.

2. White Cloud GreenEarth products are made from 100% recycled fibers and are Forest Stewardship Council-certified.

3. You can find GreenEarth paper towels and bath tissue exclusively at Walmart for about the same price as other non-green products (less than $4 per package).

4. If every household in the U.S. replaced just one roll of virgin fiber toiler paper with 100% recycled paper, we could save almost 424,000 trees. If every household replaced just one roll of virgin fiber paper towels with 100% recycled ones, we could save 544,000 trees.

5. Available at: Exclusively at most Walmart stores nationwide. Visit to find your nearest store.

6. Price: 6 triple-roll pack of bath tissue: about $4, 2-pack paper towels with Choose-A-Size® sheets: about $3


1. Roozt is the world's marketplace for the most fashion-forward brands that give back.

2. It's a website that curates products from fashion-forward companies that are making a positive impact in their community, environment, with their employees, or with humanity as a whole.

3. Indosole takes old motorbike tires in Indonesia and repurposes them into wearable products, fashionable shoes. For every two pairs made, one tire is taken out of a landfill.

4. Indosole has a variety of styles from boat shoes to sandals and flats.

5. Available at:

6. Price: $38-54

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