A Mommy Story: The Best Swag From BlogHer '13

Source: A Mommy Storys | July 29, 2013

I’m back from BlogHer ’13, exhausted, but happy after spending time with thousands of bloggers in Chicago. I’ve already started seeing the opinions of the best swag received at the event, from free phones to wine to vitamins to books and yes, even adult novelties. There are swag collection photos on Facebook and Instagram.

And I’ll admit I’m all for the swag. It’s fun to bring home some new products to try out, and my kids love seeing what new toy or game I’ll bring home for them each year. My husband loves the iPhone case that Best Buy was handing out on Saturday. I was thrilled to bring home a few Vitamin Burst Brew Over Ice k-cups from Keurig so I can try them out without buying a whole box of them first. And thanks to Nature Made I’m all set on vitamins for the next month or two.

So what was my favorite swag from the event? It was all of this: A lovely Expo hall with wide aisles holding sponsors who were (mostly) easy to talk with and interested in working with bloggers.