White Cloud 3-ply Ultra Soft and Thick Wins Toilet Paper Showdown

Source: Hartford Courant | April 3, 2012

Here's the one I've been waiting for: the Consumer Reports toilet-paper test.

The winner, Walmart's White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft And Thick, was the only toilet paper, at 25 cents per 100 sheets, that Consumer Reports judged a best buy.

The magazine tested 25 types of toilet paper for strength, softness, tearing ease and how well it disintegrated.

The winner, with 91 points, was the only TP to score higher than 90 on the tests. Quilted Northern Ultra Plush, at 38 cents per 100 sheets, finished second with 81. Next were two from Walmart, Great Value Ultra Strong and White Cloud Soft and Thick, and CVS's Premium Ultra.

The White Cloud Soft and Thick, at 19 cents per 100 sheets, was the least expensive in the top five.

"Green" TP performed poorly in the testing. Trader Joe's Super Soft, at No. 9, was soft but not as strong or as easily teared as others. Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value and CVS's Earth Essentials were the lowest-rate TP.

Source: http://courantblogs.com/bottom-line/white-cloud-3-ply-ultra-soft-and-thick-wins-toilet-paper-showdown/