Five winners in Consumer Reports' latest toilet paper tests

Source: Consumer Reports | April 3, 2012

Nobody tests toilet paper like Consumer Reports. To measure strength, we call in the Instron, a device that slowly pushes a steel ball through stacked sheets. Sensory panelists judge softness by gently caressing the individual sheets. Our number crunchers determine cost, looking past claims about jumbo rolls and wider sheets. At the end of our latest review, five toilet papers rose above the class of 25.

White Cloud was the big winner, with two products on our recommended list, including the top-rated. White Cloud is only sold at Walmart, as is Great Value, another brand in our winner's circle. If you shop elsewhere, consider the Quilted Northern and CVS products that also performed well enough to be a CR pick.

Always check the model names in our Ratings, since products from the same brand can perform differently. For example, while Quilted Northern has one winner, its Soft & Strong product earned only so-so softness in our tests and a subpar score for disintegration, or how easily toilet paper will move through your household's plumbing.